The recipe of your dishes

Swiss roll

sweet roll

Sweet rolls very tempting to look at the shelves of pastry shops. Of course, and shops rolls are delicious, but be prepared yourself a hundred times better.

But when the house there is a jam, there is nothing easier than to cook a roll with jam. To cake was more juicy and tender, it is recommended to impregnate it with sweet syrup for flavor and add a little cinnamon, vanilla or citrus zest. Sprinkle with powdered sugar, you can roll, coconut shavings, pour icing or fondant or decorate with berries, fruit and chocolate chips. Читать далее »

Pies with meat

Pie with meat

«Not red hut corners and red pie» — very accurately stated! For even in the smart house will never settle for tourists, unless there is a warm home-baked aroma of it … Today, we will focus on meat pies — hearty, delicious and, oddly enough, it is very simple. No wonder, because in addition to traditional pies, preparation of which takes almost half a day, in the modern kitchen are very common fast recipes with meat pies, which are agile even mistresses manage to cook for breakfast, everything is so simple!
In any case, if you select a recipe the filling of the pie or quiche or decide to cook recipes grandmothers, a few tricks you exactly useful. Читать далее »

Meat casseroles

Meat casseroles

Wonderful clay pots, which came to us from time immemorial and passed the test of time, still enjoy incredible popularity among chefs. And not in vain, because this cookware is considered one of the safest, since it does not emit heat when any harmful substances, and the food is cooked in it, really has a special taste and aroma.

Simple and plain-looking pots can give a truly magical taste of the incredible number of dishes, but it turns out especially tasty meat in the pot. Firstly, it is easy to prepare. Prepared meat and all the ingredients laid down in pots and put it in the oven, and let yourself prepared. Second, the meat in the pot will bring you not only enjoy the amazing taste, but also benefit the body. Third, change the composition of the ingredients in a recipe can be depending on the available products in the refrigerator, because the meat (either pork, beef, veal or chicken) combines perfectly with any vegetables, mushrooms, cheese, cereals. And finally, the pots on the table look beautiful and appetizing, immediately filling the house with warmth and comfort. Try to cook the meat in the pot at least once, and you might want to do one of the following specialties offered his crown. Читать далее »

What to cook pork


We have already introduced you to the fact, how to select the meat for a particular dish. Today, in the treasury of recipes we add new dishes from pork and tell you what to cook pork.

From pork often prepare second and holiday dishes that require a special approach and skills. Here are a few tricks that will help you in the kitchen and tell you how to cook a tasty pork.

• In order to destroy the strong connective tissue and make grilled meat soft and tender pieces of meat before frying should be repelled. The thickness and surface chipped meat aligned, which makes it possible to fry a piece of meat evenly. But beating the meat, do not overdo it, punching pieces through is not necessary. Читать далее »

Homemade juice

Homemade juice

Summer … the sun 40 in the shade — a little less. There would not be desirable at all, but drink — indefinitely. What to drink? Tea, coffee — drinks rather winter. It’s bitter cold and they will warm, and give strength and warmed in the heat — no really, thank you. Carbonated some water, can it? Such a sweet, with bubbles, from the fridge, which, as promised in the advertisement, instantly refreshes and instantly quenches thirst, or an ordinary mineral water? Tempting. However, all these drinks thirsty even more. The juice, kvass — a lot of options. Best of all, as you know, quenches thirst plain water, but we want something, and so it was tasty, and useful. On what to stop? Do not break your head, there is a win-win situation — prepare homemade juice, as has long been known that the best drink — made with their own hands at home. So let’s talk about the real home of Morse. Читать далее »

Marinated mushrooms

Marinated mushrooms — welcome guests at any meal. Today we will prepare this savory snacks at home.

Marinated mushrooms can be cooked in a hurry, for 15-20 minutes, and you can leave them to marinate overnight or for a day or two. During this time, mushrooms will become tender and juicy taste. Adjust the sharpness by adding certain spices or increasing the amount of vinegar and garlic — it’s a matter of taste and your imagination, which in this case is given complete freedom.

By the way, in contrast to all other types of fungi, cultured mushrooms can be eaten without fear even in raw form, but with wild mushrooms need to be careful. The easiest way to buy mushrooms at the store. Choose firm, smooth, bright, mushrooms, no stains or tears, preferably of the same size. It is believed that the best taste qualities are small mushrooms. Large mushrooms before marinating better cut into 2-4 pieces or shred records.

Marinated mushrooms Читать далее »

Kebab on the grill


Kebab (tyurk.lula — tube and
an Arab a kebab -. Grilled meat) — Meat
dish widespread in the Caucasus,
Central Asia and the Balkans.
from to Wikipedia.

Among connoisseurs and fans of delicious outdoor activities with indispensable barbecue aerobatics considered, oddly enough, not kebabs, even the most sophisticated and kebab on the grill. Indeed, to achieve perfect results the first time not everyone succeeds. And the second, too … Despite all the efforts of lovingly cooked kebabs are falling into the fire with the skewers, and many prefer to go the easy way and fried kebab on the grill. It’s delicious, but it is not kebab! Читать далее »

Pies on kefir

cakes with kefir

Probably none of shoplifting pastries not replace domestic pies with apples, cabbage, cheese, meat, potatoes, mushrooms jam yes. And if the traditional pies with yeast dough takes time and skill, the patties on kefir under force even novice cooks.

for their food products from our hostesses are always at hand: no yogurt — it can be replaced yogurt, no eggs — you can do without them. There is no desire to mess with oven? Just fry patties in a frying pan. Читать далее »

Baked potatoes in the oven

Russian potato — the queen of vegetables, a second bread. Without it does not do almost no feast. Potato is one of the most nutritious food, despite the fact that it contains practically no fat. Dishes with a great variety of potatoes, but now we propose to draw your attention to baked potatoes. Baked potatoes in the oven — a great side dish that is perfect for vegetables, meat or fish. Baked potatoes can be cooked with various spices, cheese, herbs, butter, sour cream, etc. Perfectly cooked baked potato has a crisp and tender flesh air.

Nutritionists recommend to add a baked potato in your diet, because it contains large amounts of fiber, which helps to maintain a long-term feeling of satiety. Fiber also helps to improve digestion, so regular consumption of baked potatoes is beneficial to the gastrointestinal tract.

Baked potatoes in the oven Читать далее »

What to cook inexpensive


Constantly keeping in the refrigerator «on duty» supply of food, without hesitation any hostess will answer the question: what to cook inexpensive. The main thing is not to stray to the pasta with sausages or meat deshёvenkim unclear of what the beast. Eating cheaply, you must comply with all known balance of proteins, fats and carbohydrates and do not forget about the live vitamins, getting their fresh fruit and vegetables.

You can always save money by completely abandoning the semis. Moreover, this refusal to strongly improve the quality of food, as in all the finished products and semi-finished products contain an incredible amount of salt and preservatives. Читать далее »