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Garnish. Recipes for every day


Garnish call what serves the second to the main dish of meat, fish or poultry. It is often a side dish is a separate dish. Garnish with the exception of salads, which are likely to be deemed a snack, a hot dish. Skilful housewife knows how to cook and cereals, and vegetable side dishes. Recipes , time-tested, allow to cook them from potatoes, cabbage, beans, cauliflower. These side dishes are often served with meat dishes, although they are well suited to grilled or steamed fish. Side dishes (recipes from buckwheat, rice, lentils) deserve special attention, because they are universal and serve them to cutlets, meatballs, fish. Seafood is best combined with rice, which is also served with meat and chicken. Garnish, properly cooked, sometimes overshadows even the main dish. And to learn how to cook these stunning garnish, use the best recipe and cook, for example, rice with cranberries. To do this, the original garnish need most common ingredients:
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Porridge with pumpkin multivarka: delicious, simple, useful

Porridge with pumpkin multivarka

Juicy and delicious porridge with pumpkin is not in vain considered to be a useful dish: pumpkin contains such necessary to our body fat, and grains, which are produced on the basis of cereal to oatmeal — a lot of vitamins and nutrients. The easiest way to preparing the porridge with pumpkin in multivarka : This comfortable and high-performance home helper always makes porridge exactly as it is necessary — a soft, crumbly, delicious. As a basis for this dish you can use any grains to your taste, but the ideal is considered to be a combination of juicy pumpkin with millet or rice grains. This tasty, and quite simply, because the ingredients need little (however, as the effort of processing products — multivarka will do almost everything for you.) Even if you sit on a diet and your diet often appears foods withoutcarbohydrates, start the morning with freshly brewed porridge is always helpful! Читать далее »

How to braise vegetables: simple tips for proper nutrition

like stew vegetables

The dishes of vegetables, as a rule, form the basis of any healthy diet. Therefore, they should be prepared, if not every day, at least once in two days — this food will be able to cover the basic needs of the body of vitamins and minerals. The most useful are considered dishes of raw vegetables, but not all vegetables and root vegetables are tasty raw. These vegetables can boil or stew — cooked in any of these ways dishes contain a bit less nutrients than raw vegetables, but they are much healthier than fried food. How to braise the vegetables in such a way to preserve the greatest amount of vitamins and at the same time to achieve the perfect taste of food? Our simple tips will help you with this. Читать далее »

How to cook the corn? Tips experienced housewives

Fresh Corn 4

Fans of hot, juicy corn probably wondering if there are any secrets that will help lift the veil in the preparation of this interesting product, that is, to tell, how to cook corn correctly. If you are unable to select and purchase the correct maize (the desired class, size and degree of maturity), half done, and you will only boil it. Therefore, buying corn, try to keep your chosen ears were at the bottom (tip anyway soft and not always fully ripe, so virtually no help when selected) white-yellow grains. If they are more white than yellow — excellent. If a large grain shape is easily restored by pressing a finger, and if push harder, stands the white juice, it seems, you are lucky and you were able to find exactly what you need. Читать далее »

Simple recipes for each day

The notebooks experienced housewives always a few simple recipes that help out in times when cooking time is not so much. Particularly useful are such simple recipes for novice cooks every day.

These recipes are good that do not contain the incredible ingredients and do not require the artist masterly possession of cooking art. Useful simple recipes for every day and at a time when on the verge of «draw» unexpected, but, nevertheless, dear guests, and they urgently need to treat.

Simple recipes for each day

Many of the things that you took for the-recipe-of-your-dishes.tk «Culinary Eden» will even cook a teenager, able to peel the potatoes and beat a couple of eggs, not Overshot by the pan. Читать далее »

A cake with canned fish

A cake with canned fish — this is probably the fastest meal (except for sandwiches!), Which is not ashamed to apply the dearest guests. Even novice mistress will not be difficult to quickly knead the dough and the filling of the bungled couple of jars of canned fish, but if the desire to get dirty with flour is not in any supermarket you will always find a ready-made dough to taste, whether flaky or yeast. Then the pie with canned fish is not just fast, and lightning treats!

Let’s get started.

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Salad with croquettes brains and mushrooms

Salad with croquettes brains and mushrooms
  • spinach
  • Walnuts (peeled)
  • cilantro
  • veal brains 4 pieces
  • salt
  • mixture 5 peppers
  • flour
  • egg 1 piece
  • milk 10 ml
  • vegetable oil
  • oyster 70 grams
  • bulb onions
  • garlic 1 clove
  • mustard 1 tablespoon
  • olive oil 10 ml
  • lime
  • ginger
  • chilli
  • Tomato 2 pieces
  • lemon
  • black sesame seeds

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Pizza in the oven

» Nothing divides people like the taste,
and not unite, as the appetite.»

Boris Krutier.

In our world, there are a few dishes that are of purely national transformed into a global culinary experience. This kebab and shawarma, and sushi, hummus and (increasingly conquering the hearts and tastes of the Russians), and much more … But perhaps the most famous Italian pizza has become a breakthrough. And now, every country has its own pizza, with its own characteristics, the subtleties and delights.

In Russia, the pizza quickly found his army of fans, and of course, our cooks could not stay away — which is only a variant of pizza in the pan ! But the real pizza is still baked in the oven.

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Quick recipes for each day

Quick recipes for each day should be in the arsenal of every cook. They really come to the rescue! Especially good are the recipes for beginners — simple, unpretentious, and the result is almost immediate.

Fast fish pie

1 stack. yogurt,
1 egg,
1 stack. flour,
½ tsp soda,
1 can of saury in oil,
2 boiled eggs,
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Homemade pizza

Despite the fact that pizza is a traditional Italian dish, she had firmly enter the Russian menu. Today, pizza is hard to imagine without a hearty breakfast, a youth party, a quick snack, picnic or friendly gatherings in a large company. If the original pizza was considered food for the poor, then today is a dish with the same pleasure to eat like ordinary housewives and millionaires.

You can order ready-made pizza in the cafe or to buy it in the supermarket, but there is nothing tastier than a homemade pizzas cooked with his own hands. Classic Italian pizza has a thin crust and juicy filling. The main components of the dishes include tomato sauce and cheese, and other components — mushrooms, meat, ham or seafood — are added as desired.

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