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Tested recipes for the winter hrenoviny


Siberian seasoning with the original name «bollocks», popularly known as «Gorloder» or «Spark», thanks to its unusual burning taste, consume immediately after preparation or harvest for future use. We offer you a basic recipe for spicy seasoning, which, if desired, you can add vinegar, red pepper or a bell pepper, but more on that later, but for now the classic recipe hrenoviny for the winter :

Mince ripe tomatoes (3 kg), garlic (250 g) and the same amount of horseradish. Vegetable mass of salt, spread out along the banks and store on the bottom shelf of the refrigerator. If you prefer to roll up metal covers blanks, without sterilization can not do. Читать далее »

Pumpkin juice for the winter. domestic billet


The diet of many fruit and vegetable juices take pride of place, and if you think about the amount of vitamins contained in juices and the benefits they bring to health, it becomes clear what is the secret of their popularity. Pumpkin juice is known for a record number of vitamins and minerals that are part of it, so it is recommended to use not only in season ripening pumpkin, but also to prepare pumpkin juice in the winter , when the immune system to protect it is one of the best juices. Читать далее »

Spinach. Dishes from it and tips on cooking


In many European kitchens have hundreds of different dishes, which add spinach. Dishes from it is gradually becoming more popular in Russia, where it is used in salads, soups, fillings for cakes and rolls, etc. To enhance the taste of food, which is based on spinach, dishes out of it prepared with the addition of sorrel, spinach which gives a gentle kind of sour. It is also well combined with spinach, vegetables, eggs, cheese, nuts. Meatloaf, which is used as a filling of spinach, are bright and original, and to ensure that they were not fresh in dishes of spinach add various spices. Читать далее »

Useful and original dishes with broccoli


Unopened broccoli florets, used in food, are useful and delicious food product that has a delicate flavor. To dish with broccoli did not lose its beneficial properties and delicate flavor, with their preparation, it is important not to break a single rule — broccoli in any case can not digest. Broccoli is best not to boil and blanch, and then all your meals with broccoli will have excellent taste, and look bright and appetizing. Читать далее »

Broccoli. Recipes tasty casseroles


If your home to enjoy eating casseroles, then you can safely cook for them casserole with broccoli. Recipes to help you prepare delicious meals without spending a lot of time and flavorful and delicious casserole sure to please your family. Читать далее »

Original recipes from the turnips


Modern hostess is very rarely used recipes from the turnips for the preparation of a variety of healthy dishes. Turnips needlessly used in food is very rare. In the offseason, when available are very few natural and wholesome foods, grown not in the overseas countries and in their native land, which are able to supply the body the nutrients, vitamins and minerals. Just turnip copes with this task well, because the vitamin C in it is much more than in many other fruits and vegetables. In addition, turnip recipes very tasty and easy to prepare. From turnips prepared salads, and casseroles once, it turns out very tasty stuffed with turnips, turnip often found in recipes of traditional Russian soup. Turnip leaves some varieties used as a spice. Читать далее »

Recipe chicken grilled on the grill


Chicken, which appears on our table very frequency is a favorite of many products, so there is nothing surprising in the fact that every woman, doing cooking, thinking about how to cook chicken in a new way and to please their loved ones a delicious and original dish. So unusual recipe chicken — grill , which we recommend to try to be a great chance to show their culinary skills and try something new. Читать далее »

Figure red. The secret to the popularity of unusual cereal?


Have you ever heard of the existence of the red rice? Well, that rice is white or brown, or at worst, in black, is known to all, without exception, but that figure could be red, few know. What explains the unusual color as useful and many favorite cereal? Figure red because it is not polished, and it is covered with a red shell. This rice variety is one of the most useful varieties. Figure red — a storehouse of vitamins, it contains valuable vitamin E, calcium and iron. Читать далее »

Rice pudding «Air»

Rice pudding "Air"

Beautiful and rich dish of rice. Be sure to have to taste your baby.

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Potatoes — accordion

Potatoes - accordion

Incredibly beautiful and original dish of potatoes. Perfect for any holiday table.

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