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Tested recipes for the winter hrenoviny


Siberian seasoning with the original name «bollocks», popularly known as «Gorloder» or «Spark», thanks to its unusual burning taste, consume immediately after preparation or harvest for future use. We offer you a basic recipe for spicy seasoning, which, if desired, you can add vinegar, red pepper or a bell pepper, but more on that later, but for now the classic recipe hrenoviny for the winter :

Mince ripe tomatoes (3 kg), garlic (250 g) and the same amount of horseradish. Vegetable mass of salt, spread out along the banks and store on the bottom shelf of the refrigerator. If you prefer to roll up metal covers blanks, without sterilization can not do.

Some people prefer to use instead of ripe tomatoes green tomatoes. It is also very tasty. The longer the seasoning will stand in the refrigerator, the more it will taste, and to soften it a bit, before you bring to the table, it is possible to add the sour cream, mayonnaise or 1-2 grated apples (Antonovka in this case — is ideal).

This savory suited to meat, it is fed to the dumplings, spread on bread and eaten with soup or borsch. Another recipe hrenoviny for the winter, which allows you to store this snack all winter in the basement or in the cellar, that is, in a cool place.

For workpiece hrenoviny the winter you will need:

Fuck this for a snack, try to choose a young, tight, and tomatoes without any damage. Slice the tomato pieces and grind in a blender, having removed, if desired, peel. Add salt and sugar, sprinkle in paprika. Washed, peeled and shredded horseradish root (it is best to use a food processor) Put in a bowl of tomatoes. There also add chesnokodavku passed through garlic and mix well. Ready damn expanded in sterilized jars, close the screw cap, before boiling it. Stored cooked this way bollocks all winter in a cool place.

If you do not have time to cook hrenoder in autumn, you will gain prescription hrenodera winter, the following components will be needed to do this, you:

Remove the skin from canned tomatoes and peppers with grind in a blender and drain the using sieves. The dough is passed through chesnokodavku add garlic, horseradish and salt. All Mix and store in the refrigerator, spread out in small glass jars.

We offer another recipe hrenoviny home, which is stored in the refrigerator in a clean, dry container, so it does not soured. The principle of the preparation of meals is the same: all vegetables are thoroughly washed, obsushivayut and ground. Then add the remaining ingredients, stir and lay on the sterilized jars. For this recipe, prepare the required products:

It is more convenient to store a seasoning in small jars, so as not to erode its distinctive taste and aroma, which gives it a special value.

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