Pumpkin juice for the winter. domestic billet | The recipe of your dishes

Pumpkin juice for the winter. domestic billet


The diet of many fruit and vegetable juices take pride of place, and if you think about the amount of vitamins contained in juices and the benefits they bring to health, it becomes clear what is the secret of their popularity. Pumpkin juice is known for a record number of vitamins and minerals that are part of it, so it is recommended to use not only in season ripening pumpkin, but also to prepare pumpkin juice in the winter , when the immune system to protect it is one of the best juices.

In the pumpkin juice contains many substances, in order to maintain the immune system, and fiber and pectin normalize the digestive system and detoxify the body.

To prepare pumpkin juice in the winter need a juicer. With the help of this simple device, delicious and aromatic juice may be prepared in a matter of minutes. To a specific taste of pumpkin juice did not seem cloying, it is mixed with the juice squeezed from a variety of fruits, berries and other vegetables. For the pumpkin juice, choose young fruit, with juicy orange flesh, which contains carotene and natural fructose.

Prepare delicious and healthy juice with pumpkin and lemon in the winter is not too difficult. Kept it in sterilized jars or just in the fridge and very helps in the autumn-winter period, during epidemics and colds. To make it, you need to:

Pumpkin pulp grate and put in an enamel pot. Of water and sugar syrup boil, and when the syrup begins to boil, pour them a pumpkin. Stir the contents of the pan and put the pumpkin on the weight of the stove and cook it for 20 minutes on low heat. Then the pumpkin cool and pyuriruyte using a blender or grind through a sieve, pour back into the pan and add the juice of two lemons. When the contents of the pan begins to boil, boil it for 10 minutes, stirring occasionally to avoid burnt. Pour the juice into sterilized jars and roll up metal covers.

If you have collected in the autumn not only the pumpkin, but can boast of a good crop of apples, if you are lucky twice, and you have the opportunity to cook pumpkin and apple juice. For such a sap more suitable green apples, but it does not matter, as long as the apples were not over-mature.

Apples clean from the seeds and core, pulp pumpkin cut into cubes (per kilogram of apples take kilogram pumpkin pulp) and, using a juicer, squeeze the juice. Apple and pumpkin juice mix in a saucepan, add the zest of one lemon and 250 g of sugar and place on a plate. Cook until the juice is not warmed up to 90 degrees, then boil for 5 minutes it at that temperature. Fire off and let the juice a little at the plate then. Then, while the juice is still hot, pour it into jars and roll up.

Incredibly delicious pumpkin juice is obtained with gooseberry and honey. The unusual combination of components and the bright taste of love juice all your pets. And in order to prepare it, you need to squeeze the juice of 1, 5 and 1 kg pumpkin, 5 kg of gooseberry juice to combine two together, add 500g of melted honey, and pour in half-liter jars. Banks to pasteurize the juice for 20 minutes, then roll up metal covers.

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