Spinach. Dishes from it and tips on cooking | The recipe of your dishes

Spinach. Dishes from it and tips on cooking


In many European kitchens have hundreds of different dishes, which add spinach. Dishes from it is gradually becoming more popular in Russia, where it is used in salads, soups, fillings for cakes and rolls, etc. To enhance the taste of food, which is based on spinach, dishes out of it prepared with the addition of sorrel, spinach which gives a gentle kind of sour. It is also well combined with spinach, vegetables, eggs, cheese, nuts. Meatloaf, which is used as a filling of spinach, are bright and original, and to ensure that they were not fresh in dishes of spinach add various spices.

Fresh spinach that research scientists, contains a high percentage of iron, available in the spring, from March to May, and frozen in the supermarket you can buy at any time of the year.

Spinach salad is useful and nutritious, and to choose to cook it fresh leaves, which, in combination with almost any product and greens provide great taste, and on the table this salad looks nice and fresh.

The original salad of spinach, pears and chicken liver will satisfy even the most demanding gourmets, and to prepare it, need the following ingredients:

Chicken liver wash, cut into pieces, put in a bowl and pour the milk. After a while, drain the milk, liver slices obmoknite in flour and fry in oil.

Purified pear cut into small cubes, spinach tear hands and place in a salad bowl. Add the cooled liver and pour dressing, for a mix of olive oil, soy sauce and Worcestershire and lemon juice. Salad mix, sprinkle with diced cheese and nuts. Once again, stir and serve.

Omelet with spinach, which is quite suitable for dinner, it turns out tender and falls into the category of tasty and healthy dishes. To prepare it, you will need:

Fresh spinach leaves, rinse under running water, place in a saucepan, pour in 2 tbsp. l. water and simmer over low heat for 2 minutes. Then spinach sprinkle with lemon juice, cool and chop. Finely chop the onion and zucchini into half rings. Whisk the eggs with a pinch of salt and pepper. In the olive oil is hot fry the onion, add the zucchini and saute until soft. Add chopped spinach, cheese and pour the eggs. Cover the pan with a lid, make a minimum fire and wait until you grab the eggs. Cut the omelette portioned slices and serve, sprinkled with herbs or grated cheese.

Season the spinach growth over time coincides with the appearance of the first potatoes. During this period, do not miss the chance to cook a delicious new potatoes with spinach, which taste best accentuate garlic and curry. For this dish you will need to do what is stated in the instructions:
Wash 600 grams of potato and cut it in half. In a skillet, heat 50 g of melted butter, put the chopped onion (1 pc.) And garlic (3 cloves) and cook for 2 minutes. Then put in a pan 50 grams of cashew nuts, add the curry (2 tbsp. L.) And cook the same amount. Put the potatoes in a pan, fry it first, and then fill the cup of boiling water and simmer on low heat, covered. After 10 minutes, place the potatoes chopped spinach (200 g) and slices of tomatoes. All the vegetables mix, season with salt and sprinkle with paprika and cook for another 10 minutes, and then arrange on plates. Fresh green chop, mix with natural yogurt (100 ml) and the resulting sauce pour the prepared potatoes with spinach.

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