Useful and original dishes with broccoli | The recipe of your dishes

Useful and original dishes with broccoli


Unopened broccoli florets, used in food, are useful and delicious food product that has a delicate flavor. To dish with broccoli did not lose its beneficial properties and delicate flavor, with their preparation, it is important not to break a single rule — broccoli in any case can not digest. Broccoli is best not to boil and blanch, and then all your meals with broccoli will have excellent taste, and look bright and appetizing.

If the usual dishes with broccoli you cook longer interested, our recipes will help you prepare a favorite product for — the new and to soups, salads and casseroles your home or resist!

Toast with broccoli are ideal for breakfast, and they can be prepared very quickly that for breakfast you will agree, is not unimportant. You will need:

Broccoli, rinse under running water, divide into florets and quickly fry in vegetable oil. Add to the pan a little water and simmer until tender cabbage. Butter Spread each slice of bread, whisk together eggs and cream, add the grated cheese, salt and pepper and stir. Broccoli cast away in a colander, and when to drain excess fluid, place florets on buttered toast, and top-fill with a mixture of egg and cheese. Put on a baking sheet and put bake in a preheated 200 degree oven. Minutes cherez5 when melted cheese toast with broccoli ready to eat.

An amazing dish of broccoli and beef can be cooked on weekdays and on festive table. For this dish you will need the following products:

Smoked bacon cut into cubes, put in a pan, fry, add the chopped onion. Cut into small pieces of veal, mushrooms cut into slices, potatoes, zucchini and tomatoes cut into cubes. In a pot or saucepan lay layers of all the components, season with spices and pour wine. Add a little water and cook, covered on high heat for 7-10 minutes, then turn down the flame and cook for about an hour.

Delicious vitamin salad of broccoli with tuna can even eat for dinner. To cook it you need a fairly simple and affordable suite of products, namely:

Boil cabbage, slightly salted water and mash with a fork. Finely chop the hard-boiled eggs. Mash tuna, or use a special salad, mix all ingredients and season with mayonnaise. Garnish with pepper and serve.

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