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Recipe chicken grilled on the grill


Chicken, which appears on our table very frequency is a favorite of many products, so there is nothing surprising in the fact that every woman, doing cooking, thinking about how to cook chicken in a new way and to please their loved ones a delicious and original dish. So unusual recipe chicken — grill , which we recommend to try to be a great chance to show their culinary skills and try something new.

Recipe Chicken — grilled , which can be prepared as the picnic, and the usual city apartment, suitable for a family lunch or dinner at the cottage with friends who had gathered to spend a day or two in the countryside. To prepare this dish, you need to take care of all the necessary products at the right time were at hand. Namely:

Beef or chicken carcass chop into portions pieces, wash, put in a bowl or pan and sprinkle with salt, pepper and your existing spices. All mix well and pour the milk and yogurt, which should completely cover the chicken. The chicken in this unusual marinade overnight or at least for a few hours, place in the refrigerator. When it comes time to fry the chicken, put it on the wire rack on a baking sheet if, (if you cook the chicken house) and bake until done. Cooked chicken out onto a plate and serve immediately. Good chicken to boil rice or potatoes and serve with ketchup or tkemali and fresh herbs.

Spicy turns chicken marinated in an unusual marinade. The meat in the marinade can be even up to eight days (the longer the chicken is marinated, the tastier and juicier it will), which agree very convenient if marinate chicken before being sent out of the city or the countryside. To pleasure not to bother cooking food, marinate the chicken the following recipe, and all that you will be required — fry it on the grill. To do this you will need:

Mustard whisk whisk olive oil to the state of mayonnaise and add the remaining ingredients. All mix and add the garlic, passed through the press. The resulting sauce Put cut chicken into portions, add the bay leaf and stir. Cover the container with chicken with cling film and place in the refrigerator for a day, to the chicken thoroughly soaked spices. Put on the grill or in the pan and fry until cooked. Serve with your favorite sauce, or fresh vegetable salad.

To prepare the chicken — grilled in the oven can be prepared chicken pieces marinated in a marinade for the preparation of which the following ingredients are used, the amount of which is determined on the eyes:

The resulting mixture can be completely coat the chicken (if you plan to cook it on a spit), or soak in the marinade portioned pieces of at least two hours, and then bake the chicken until cooked in the oven.

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