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How to cook rice in the steamer: A Beginner’s Guide

Figure in a double boiler

Cooking rice — a process that seems to be not too difficult and. But very often we hear complaints that the finished dish based on rice is obtained is not the way it would like to see the chef instead crumbly rice have to deal with a sticky porridge instead of gentle and soft grains — with hard and undercooked. The taste of the finished dish affects everything: the quality of the starting materials, and the selected method of cooking. To get perfect rice porridge, you can use the steamer — a practical device allows you to achieve perfect consistency dishes. Knowing how to cook rice in the steamer , you can in a few minutes to get healthy and tasty side dish for all occasions. Moreover, cook rice using a double boiler can even inexperienced cooks! About half an hour will need to on your desk there was a remarkable rice porridge, cooked the most simple and healthy way.

To prepare two full servings of rice side dish you will need:

Figure fall asleep in a bowl for cooking grains steamed and washed at least 5-6 times with cold running water. Pour the water and season with a dish with spices to taste. We expose the timer to 30-35 minutes and cook rice until the end of the program. Around the middle of the rice cooking process gently mix the contents of the container to spice distributed as uniformly as possible. Ready to Put the rice dish or directly on the plates, add the olive oil and butter and decorate with greenery.

Very often we hear that cooked in a double boiler rice, though different almost perfect consistency is too bland. For a side dish turned out delicious and fragrant, it, as well as main dishes to multivarka should flavor spices at the stage of preparation. In addition to traditional salt and pepper, to boiled rice are ideal turmeric, mixture based on it (eg curry), saffron, coriander, paprika. You can also add a bit of ground bay leaf or dried herbs (oregano, thyme, rosemary). The finished dish is decorated with finely chopped fresh herbs — cilantro, dill, parsley, basil.

Steamed rice — a great side dish that can be easily combined with different kinds of dishes. With boiled crumbly rice perfectly match any meat dishes (steaks, rolls, casseroles), poultry (such as nourishing a duck and lean chicken or turkey), fish and seafood. And in order to diversify the taste of rice, you can boil it for a couple with vegetables. Ideal for a couple of boiled rice will be broccoli, green beans, carrots and cauliflower. These vegetables are cooked about the same amount of time as the rice cereal (most importantly — do not forget to cut them into small pieces). It turns out tasty, appetizing and satisfying dish with a high content of vitamins. Bon Appetit!

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