Best Recipes: goroshnitsa in multivarka | The recipe of your dishes

Best Recipes: goroshnitsa in multivarka

goroshnitsa in multivarka

Goroshnitsa — thick and very satisfying pease pudding, preparing of crushed peas. However, this may be preparing dishes from a variety of peas. The main key to producing successful goroshnitsy is qualitatively cooked pea grits: the softer will cereals, porridge is so tasty. Learn to cook delicious goroshnitsu can be anyone, but do not forget that the hard and dry peas necessarily before cooking should be soaked. Some housewives offer soaked peas in cold water with a small amount of baking soda, which is known to contribute to accelerated softening cereal.


Boil in an enamel pot goroshnitsu — bad idea. The most delicious and appetizing pease pudding is obtained by cooking it in a pan with a thick, dense cover (eg, heavy cast iron pot). The easiest way is preparing goroshnitsa in multivarka : this cooking method allows you to save time and energy while achieving the perfect taste of porridge. Multivarka as a whole is deservedly considered ideal for cooking cereals. For example, pumpkin porridge in multivarka also get a much more delicious, juicy and tender than usual pan.


To prepare a thick goroshnitsy you will need:

Before you start cooking the peas should be soaked (5-6 hours — ideally overnight). Then iterate and washed thoroughly with peas, spread it in multivarku and fill with water. Adding a small amount of salt and pepper. You can also add other spices — for example, ground turmeric, a small amount of paprika (ground or flakes), dried herbs, curry. Cover multivarku lid, turn on «Quenching» mode for 2 hours. This time will be enough to make even the most dense and hard peas completely seethe and become soft. Ready goroshnitsu not immediately spread of Multivarki and leave the lid on for a while.


Serve the dish on the table as a side dish to meat dishes — such as cutlets, pork chops, meatballs, stews with sauce. The taste of this hearty porridge good taste combined with pickled and pickled vegetables, winter salads, salad, goroshnitsu Before serving you can sprinkle with finely chopped spicy greens — dill, parsley, cilantro, basil, tarragon. If porridge seems rather dry, it must pour some sauce, rich broth or melted butter. Ready goroshnitsa well kept in the refrigerator in a container in a tight-fitting lid.

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