Safe for the figure of the side dishes of rice | The recipe of your dishes

Safe for the figure of the side dishes of rice


Side dishes of rice , well cooked, not only have good taste, but not harmful to the figure. Rice is not only useful product, but also the most popular cereal, which consume many nations. That is why the number of dishes, which are prepared from rice, tens or even hundreds. In our country, most of the rice porridge cooked, add rice to soups, salads and cooked delicious side dishes of rice , which successfully complement the main fish or meat dishes.

Rice, which is composed of a variety of minerals and vitamins, the product of low-calorie and therefore it is absolutely safe for those who follow their forms. Eat rice recommend not only the leading nutritionists, and doctors, because the rice, in contrast to the potatoes and pasta, does not weigh down the main dish of meat or fish, but on the contrary, improves digestion.

Cook rice, does not mean cook it in salted water and serve, fill with oil. Recipes for cooking this dish, there are many, and acquainted with them, you can prepare your home a healthy and varied diet.

«Restaurant» rice side dish is cooked very simply, and cook it your home, you will forever destroy the myth that rice garnish — it is boring and mundane. For this dish, cut into small cubes Put the onion in a pan and fry. Add to the onions washed rice and cover with water. When the rice is ready, add the chopped garlic, paprika and basil. Remove rice from heat, wrap a towel and, without removing the cover, let it brew for a few minutes.

To figure turned out crumbly, starting the cooking, pour the water more, and as soon as the rice is completely ready, drain the water.

To cook rice with vegetables, grate carrots cleaned. Chop onion and place in a deep pan. Fry it with carrots and add the chopped garlic. Pour a glass of rice and add water (it need 2 times more than rice). When the contents of the pan begins to boil, cover with lid rice, and at the minimum heat simmer until tender.

The garnish can add the peas, corn, mushroom and pepper. This side dish will turn out bright and useful add ate frozen vegetable mixture in it.

If you love the original dishes, your home, try to cook rice as prepared it in Japan. To do this, the washed cup of rice put in a saucepan, cover with water (1, 5 cups) and cover with a lid after boiling. Cook for 15 minutes at a minimum fire. While preparing rice, beam angered onion cut into rings, fry it in butter (3st.l.) and add the beaten eggs (2 pcs.). Continuing to stir, fry the eggs, put them boiled rice and add 2 tbsp. l. soy sauce. Can you bring to the table, shuffle all the components.

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