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Garnish. Recipes for every day


Garnish call what serves the second to the main dish of meat, fish or poultry. It is often a side dish is a separate dish. Garnish with the exception of salads, which are likely to be deemed a snack, a hot dish. Skilful housewife knows how to cook and cereals, and vegetable side dishes. Recipes , time-tested, allow to cook them from potatoes, cabbage, beans, cauliflower. These side dishes are often served with meat dishes, although they are well suited to grilled or steamed fish. Side dishes (recipes from buckwheat, rice, lentils) deserve special attention, because they are universal and serve them to cutlets, meatballs, fish. Seafood is best combined with rice, which is also served with meat and chicken. Garnish, properly cooked, sometimes overshadows even the main dish. And to learn how to cook these stunning garnish, use the best recipe and cook, for example, rice with cranberries. To do this, the original garnish need most common ingredients:

Pour water or broth in a saucepan and bring to a boil. Add the washed rice, a little salt and cook under the lid. Once boiling, reduce the heat and cook for 20 minutes. Meanwhile, prepare the cranberry sauce. A few berries aside for decoration, and the rest put in a saucepan. Add to peel, orange juice and mustard. Simmer for about 5 minutes. Using a blender, the contents of the pan pyuriruyte and rub through a sieve. Add to the finished rice, stir and heat for 5 minutes in the oven. Serve with cranberry rice to the chicken or fried fish.

Prepare flavored side dish of carrots is very simple, and that it goes well with grilled meat, of course, is an occasion to prepare it as soon as possible. You will need:

Cut the zest from the lemon and oranges and chop it. Squeeze the juice from them and pour them carrots placed in a pot or saucepan. Add the vinegar, water. Stir sugar, salt, coriander and mustard. Cook over medium heat until the liquid turns into a syrup. In fact you will need 45-50 minutes. Serve hot with meat.

As a perfect complement to the meat can be barley porridge with mushrooms. This dish will love vegetarians fasting. To make such a mess, you need to:

First barley fry in a dry frying pan. Then add the oil. In a separate pan sauté the onions and carrots. Peeled and sliced ​​mushrooms boil, and add to the vegetables. Mushrooms, vegetables and roasted cereal mix, pour boiling water, add salt and cook over low heat until cooked cereals.

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