Porridge with pumpkin multivarka: delicious, simple, useful | The recipe of your dishes

Porridge with pumpkin multivarka: delicious, simple, useful

Porridge with pumpkin multivarka

Juicy and delicious porridge with pumpkin is not in vain considered to be a useful dish: pumpkin contains such necessary to our body fat, and grains, which are produced on the basis of cereal to oatmeal — a lot of vitamins and nutrients. The easiest way to preparing the porridge with pumpkin in multivarka : This comfortable and high-performance home helper always makes porridge exactly as it is necessary — a soft, crumbly, delicious. As a basis for this dish you can use any grains to your taste, but the ideal is considered to be a combination of juicy pumpkin with millet or rice grains. This tasty, and quite simply, because the ingredients need little (however, as the effort of processing products — multivarka will do almost everything for you.) Even if you sit on a diet and your diet often appears foods withoutcarbohydrates, start the morning with freshly brewed porridge is always helpful!


To cook millet porridge with pumpkin, you need the following suite of products:

Millet before preparation should be thoroughly washed (several times, until the water runs clear). Pumpkins are thoroughly cleaned from the skin and seeds, wash and cut the flesh into small cubes. Select «Multipovar» mode and turn multivarku, setting temperature of about 160 degrees. Pour the milk, bring to a boil, add salt and lay the slices of pumpkin. Cook for 10 minutes. Pumpkin should be soft but not seethe the milk. Then, add the washed millet, stir the contents of the bowl and cover with a lid. Cook for 15-20 minutes (at 110 degrees). Then add butter and continue to cook the dish for half an hour at the same temperature. Cooked porridge served hot; If you like sweet porridge, add to taste sugar or honey.


Equally simple and quick preparing rice porridge with pumpkin in multivarka. It can be used in its preparation is not a standard for most multivarok «Porridge» mode, and «quenching» mode that allows you to get more delicate, tender and melting in the mouth dish. You will need:

Pumpkin peeled and seeds, pulp rub on a coarse grater. Fall asleep grated pumpkin in Multivarki bowl, pour the milk, add sugar (1 tsp) and butter. Cooking in the «quenching» mode for half an hour. Rice is washed several times, until the water runs clear. When the pumpkin is ready, add the washed rice, as well as the rest of the sugar and a little salt to taste. You can also add a little vanilla or vanilla sugar to the ready it was more flavorful. Pour water, stir the contents of the bowl and prepare the porridge in the «quenching» mode for 40 minutes under the lid. The finished dish is not only a pleasant texture, but also the special (longing) taste. Bon Appetit!

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