How to cook the corn? Tips experienced housewives | The recipe of your dishes

How to cook the corn? Tips experienced housewives

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Fans of hot, juicy corn probably wondering if there are any secrets that will help lift the veil in the preparation of this interesting product, that is, to tell, how to cook corn correctly. If you are unable to select and purchase the correct maize (the desired class, size and degree of maturity), half done, and you will only boil it. Therefore, buying corn, try to keep your chosen ears were at the bottom (tip anyway soft and not always fully ripe, so virtually no help when selected) white-yellow grains. If they are more white than yellow — excellent. If a large grain shape is easily restored by pressing a finger, and if push harder, stands the white juice, it seems, you are lucky and you were able to find exactly what you need.

When corn is bought, you have no choice, how to cook corn to eat it as soon as possible. Cook corn in multivarka, a double boiler, and even in the microwave, but we offer the most traditional way of cooking — on the stove. To do this, boil the water in a large saucepan. Corn cobs should be placed in her free, clean them of leaves and threads that harbor cobs off the ground and to the tip, and place them in a saucepan.

If you want to get soft corn, in any case, do not salt it during cooking and do not add any seasoning. Putting sugar in a pot is not prohibited, but the salt contributes to the fact that corn, even young, hardened. Now, corn is laid in boiling water, now the pot cover and wait until the water comes to a boil in a pot and all. Yes, so fast. During this time, corn milk has enough time to cook. Many housewives for greater certainty corn boil for 10 more minutes, but if the corn is already in full swing, it is enough to ensure that it can be safe to eat. If you are less fortunate, and yet the corn got more mature, then it will have to cook longer. In some cases, it takes 1.5 — 2 hours, and determine that the only tasted the taste of corn.

To maize grain are not wrinkled, and it has not lost its appeal, corn is better to get out of the broth. Then it can be easy to eat with salt and oil or used for other dishes (salads, casseroles, soups, etc.). Boiled corn can fry in butter or grill pan and serve guests who are willing to surrender to the memories of childhood and you will be doubly grateful.

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