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Mashed potatoes and broccoli

Great side dishes that perfectly complement any dish. It does not matter what you are cooking meat, fish, poultry — mashed potatoes with broccoli accentuate the taste of any main dish. Besides, it looks great mashed potatoes and keeps a lot of useful substances. If your children refuse to eat broccoli, puree it — perfect.

Fried rice with ham and peas in Chinese

This dish has a pronounced and intense flavor, it is perfect both as a garnish or as a main dish. Ham gives it satiety. If you have a ready-boiled rice, then a side dish you will spend quite a bit of time.

Potato slices with garlic

Of course, I carried it to garnish the dish as often cook it to complement the dishes of meat or fish, but the potato wedges with garlic — it is also a great beer snack. They will not take much of your time, do not require any special seasonings, but the taste turns out very […]

Rice pilaf with almonds

Amazing delicate taste of almonds in this recipe is so good that I even have no words. Fig perfectly with the nuts, but almonds — is something special.

Potato patties with herbs and garlic

If you have prepared a lot of mashed potatoes, it is not necessary to feed the home two days with the same garnish. I use different recipes for the \ «recycling \» too much sauce, but my family loves this more than others. Sam recipe incredibly simple, and chops are obtained very tasty.

Pilaf of pearl barley with walnuts

I have in the house pearl barley does not like anyone (except my own, of course). This is the only reason that it is — a rare guest on our table. But sometimes I indulge yourself interesting recipes with barley. This side dish can become quite independent dish because the pearl barley with nuts and […]

Rice pilaf with tomatoes and basil

Still, you need to cook rice with additives. Options pilaf myriad, and they are all good. This pilaf me personally makes me think about Italy, blame, apparently, tomatoes combined with basil. I am taking for pre-steamed rice pilaf (and sold), then the dish turns out crumbly and beautiful without any effort.

Rice with garlic and black sesame

Normal rice as a side dish for a long time «become boring.» For a long time I tried to diversify garnirnoe menu using different spices, is now transferred to the miscellaneous additives. Vegetables or fruits, nuts or dried fruit — rice blends perfectly with almost everything. In this embodiment, there is a side dish black […]

Garnish pearl barley with vegetables

Many underestimate the pearl barley, but I like it. Separately, I note that in every Perlovka lot of useful substances. But such a simple side dish is perfect for dishes of poultry or meat. Change in the recipe can be almost everything, except for the cereals, of course. But this option — my favorite.

Potato souffle

Easy recipe potato dishes resembling mashed potatoes, baked in the oven only. An original and tasty dish can be used as a garnish for meat and fish dishes.