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Архивы рубрики ‘Recipes side dishes’

Rice with oranges

Prepare the original dish of meat or fish is much easier than to pick them suitable side dish. But sometimes it can be a side dish and the main course, and not in addition to it.

Potato balls

This simple side dish looks great on the table including a snack. There are different recipes and methods of cooking potato balls, this — one of the easiest.

Potatoes Rösti

The recipe for this dish came from Switzerland. Rösti potatoes (or in any other form of writing rösti) is somewhat similar to our pancakes, but the dish is still significantly different.

«Duchesse» potatoes

This dish — another improvisation on the theme puree. If the usual mashed potatoes have long been fed up and you want to experiment. This option is definitely you enjoy.

Salad with chicken and spicy pickled vegetables

Beautiful Asian-style salad. Besides the fact that it is delicious, it is also a diet. So that you can eat and not be afraid of extra kilos.

Rice pilaf with mushrooms

Simple and at the same time very tasty dish. Pilaf can be both self-vegetarian dish, and serve as an excellent side dish to meat, chicken or fish. For this dish is suitable only long-grain rice, Round with it get sticky and not so beautiful.

Lemon rice with mushrooms

Very often the hostess devote a lot of time the main course, and quite forget about a garnish. But with itself it can also be a side dish to experiment, like chicken or, for example, fish.

Mashed potatoes Flemish

This dish — side dish is prepared easily, it has a beautiful appearance and excellent flavor. It served as a side dish to meat.

Vegetable fritters

Options oladushek cooking very much. There are also sweet and salty, and fasting, and meat. This option is vegetable pancakes can be as an independent hot snacks and a great garnish for dishes of poultry or meat. I advise you to choose the young zucchini, which can be thoroughly rinsed and left with the skins. […]

Spicy spicy baked potatoes

And as soon as the potatoes do not cook! From simple to intricate cooking with hot options and subsequent baking. This recipe is quite simple and is suitable only (!) For new potatoes. But the dish turns out very tasty. So delicious that claims to be independent, although served as a side dish.