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Muffins with kefir

Muffins with kefir loved by many, because they are prepared quickly and easily. To do this, just need that mix all the ingredients specified in the recipe and put the resulting mass into molds or great shape, and then just have to wait a bit. Many housewives cook muffins to yogurt for a variety of […]

What quickly bake for tea

What quickly bake for tea, when guests are about to come up. On the intricate cream cake, yeast cakes and original cakes, which will have to tinker, there is no time. Well, if the freezer is at such an emergency package of frozen puff pastry, and if not? On the revenue comes our selection of […]

Khachapuri with cheese

Georgian cuisine has always distinguished the incredible abundance of tasty and varied dishes, a skilful combination in them of all kinds of spices, subtle flavors and richness of some mystery in the name of the dish. For example, khachapuri. On hearing this name, imagination begins to draw some kind of elaborate, gourmet meal, but in […]

Mannik in cream

Mannik in cream — this is the case when you want something sweet, and fiddle with a virtuoso baking laziness or just once, manna in the cream will come to the rescue. Why on sour cream? In principle, the manna can be baked using any dairy product, kefir and yogurt from (of course, natural) to […]

Cake on kefir

Extremely tasty, fragrant, also fast to prepare a cake on yogurt — it is not just a favorite treat both adults and children, but also an extremely useful product, which includes a wonderful medicine. Yes, you heard right — it is a medicine against aging …. So called basic dough ingredient — valuable, useful and […]

Pickled cabbage Fast Food

Cabbage is a vegetable, maintain vigor and cheerful, peaceful mood of the spirit Pythagoras In Russia, the cabbage has long been treated with love and respect. Cabbage is good in any performance, but pickled cabbage fast food, of course, without any competition. Her — and sharp little crunchy or soft and juicy — like almost […]

Mannik kefir

Well still a miracle, this decoy! You want — porridge boil, you want to — bake cake. However, not all like porridge, but the cake, for sure, will appreciate everyone who tried it. After all, manna — simple and loved by many a cake based on semolina, which is made from wheat and serves as […]

Pork jelly

Every self-respecting hostess should be able to cook jelly. All the more so in front of this dish will hardly be able to resist at least one man. On New Year’s holidays jelly it is very popular and in demand snack, which usually breaks into «Cheers» and is eaten with great pleasure. Virtually none of […]

Baked apples

Apples are one of the most popular and inexpensive fruits, but if you are tired there is this fruit in its natural state, why not try to cook it in the oven? Baked apples — this is not only a very tasty dish, but also useful and nutritious dessert flavorful piece of home comfort, warming […]

As salt herring at home

Nourishing salted herring has long been considered a traditional dish of Russian cuisine. Although salting herring recipe was invented far beyond our vast country — the Netherlands — it is firmly established in the Russian menu, and today virtually none celebration and dinner party can not do without a plate full of salted herring pieces. […]