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A cake with canned fish

A cake with canned fish — this is probably the fastest meal (except for sandwiches!), Which is not ashamed to apply the dearest guests. Even novice mistress will not be difficult to quickly knead the dough and the filling of the bungled couple of jars of canned fish, but if the desire to get dirty […]

Salad with croquettes brains and mushrooms

Ingredients spinach Walnuts (peeled) cilantro veal brains 4 pieces salt mixture 5 peppers flour egg 1 piece milk 10 ml vegetable oil oyster 70 grams bulb onions garlic 1 clove mustard 1 tablespoon olive oil 10 ml lime ginger chilli Tomato 2 pieces lemon black sesame seeds

Pizza in the oven

» Nothing divides people like the taste, and not unite, as the appetite.» Boris Krutier. In our world, there are a few dishes that are of purely national transformed into a global culinary experience. This kebab and shawarma, and sushi, hummus and (increasingly conquering the hearts and tastes of the Russians), and much more … […]

Quick recipes for each day

Quick recipes for each day should be in the arsenal of every cook. They really come to the rescue! Especially good are the recipes for beginners — simple, unpretentious, and the result is almost immediate. Fast fish pie Ingredients: 1 stack. yogurt, 1 egg, 1 stack. flour, ½ tsp soda, 1 can of saury in […]

Homemade pizza

Despite the fact that pizza is a traditional Italian dish, she had firmly enter the Russian menu. Today, pizza is hard to imagine without a hearty breakfast, a youth party, a quick snack, picnic or friendly gatherings in a large company. If the original pizza was considered food for the poor, then today is a […]

Swiss roll

Sweet rolls very tempting to look at the shelves of pastry shops. Of course, and shops rolls are delicious, but be prepared yourself a hundred times better. But when the house there is a jam, there is nothing easier than to cook a roll with jam. To cake was more juicy and tender, it is […]

Pies with meat

«Not red hut corners and red pie» — very accurately stated! For even in the smart house will never settle for tourists, unless there is a warm home-baked aroma of it … Today, we will focus on meat pies — hearty, delicious and, oddly enough, it is very simple. No wonder, because in addition to […]

Meat casseroles

Wonderful clay pots, which came to us from time immemorial and passed the test of time, still enjoy incredible popularity among chefs. And not in vain, because this cookware is considered one of the safest, since it does not emit heat when any harmful substances, and the food is cooked in it, really has a […]

What to cook pork

We have already introduced you to the fact, how to select the meat for a particular dish. Today, in the treasury of recipes we add new dishes from pork and tell you what to cook pork. From pork often prepare second and holiday dishes that require a special approach and skills. Here are a few […]

Homemade juice

Summer … the sun 40 in the shade — a little less. There would not be desirable at all, but drink — indefinitely. What to drink? Tea, coffee — drinks rather winter. It’s bitter cold and they will warm, and give strength and warmed in the heat — no really, thank you. Carbonated some water, […]