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How to cook potatoes Dauphine

Gourmet Potatoes Dauphine lovers will certainly appreciate the dishes of root, which for many is the second bread. Of course, this vegetable can be cooked hundreds of delicious and nutritious meals, but today we will focus on is how to cook the potatoes Dauphine, which is made in France since ancient times, when the country […]

How to cook rice in the steamer: A Beginner’s Guide

Cooking rice — a process that seems to be not too difficult and. But very often we hear complaints that the finished dish based on rice is obtained is not the way it would like to see the chef instead crumbly rice have to deal with a sticky porridge instead of gentle and soft grains […]

Spectacular recipes from potatoes: mashed potatoes in the skins

Recipes from potatoes are versatile and perfect for any feast: quiet family dinner, cheerful friendly party or secular reception. If you have planned a ceremony, then, of course, I want to surprise and please visitors with its exceptional culinary talents. On this occasion, we recommend to choose the original recipes of potato that looks and […]

Best Recipes: goroshnitsa in multivarka

Goroshnitsa — thick and very satisfying pease pudding, preparing of crushed peas. However, this may be preparing dishes from a variety of peas. The main key to producing successful goroshnitsy is qualitatively cooked pea grits: the softer will cereals, porridge is so tasty. Learn to cook delicious goroshnitsu can be anyone, but do not forget […]

Safe for the figure of the side dishes of rice

Side dishes of rice , well cooked, not only have good taste, but not harmful to the figure. Rice is not only useful product, but also the most popular cereal, which consume many nations. That is why the number of dishes, which are prepared from rice, tens or even hundreds. In our country, most of […]

Garnish. Recipes for every day

Garnish call what serves the second to the main dish of meat, fish or poultry. It is often a side dish is a separate dish. Garnish with the exception of salads, which are likely to be deemed a snack, a hot dish. Skilful housewife knows how to cook and cereals, and vegetable side dishes. Recipes […]

Porridge with pumpkin multivarka: delicious, simple, useful

Juicy and delicious porridge with pumpkin is not in vain considered to be a useful dish: pumpkin contains such necessary to our body fat, and grains, which are produced on the basis of cereal to oatmeal — a lot of vitamins and nutrients. The easiest way to preparing the porridge with pumpkin in multivarka : […]

How to braise vegetables: simple tips for proper nutrition

The dishes of vegetables, as a rule, form the basis of any healthy diet. Therefore, they should be prepared, if not every day, at least once in two days — this food will be able to cover the basic needs of the body of vitamins and minerals. The most useful are considered dishes of raw […]

How to cook the corn? Tips experienced housewives

Fans of hot, juicy corn probably wondering if there are any secrets that will help lift the veil in the preparation of this interesting product, that is, to tell, how to cook corn correctly. If you are unable to select and purchase the correct maize (the desired class, size and degree of maturity), half done, […]

Simple recipes for each day

The notebooks experienced housewives always a few simple recipes that help out in times when cooking time is not so much. Particularly useful are such simple recipes for novice cooks every day. These recipes are good that do not contain the incredible ingredients and do not require the artist masterly possession of cooking art. Useful […]